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Our Story

As a Milwaukee firefighter, Ken Martinez has seen the inside of a lot of walls, and what he noticed sparked the beginning of RetroFoam of Southeastern Wisconsin.

The thing Ken noticed was that many walls didn’t have insulation in them, and if they did, it was dirty, dusty, and not providing much coverage. He also worked in construction on his off days and saw that to save money, many builders were cutting costs by putting in cheaper insulation.

Ken researched RetroFoam insulation and thought it would be a good service to offer to homeowners in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

At RetroFoam of Southeastern Wisconsin, we offer a whole-house foam insulation system that can prevent drafts, lower monthly heating and cooling costs, and create an air barrier that seals the home’s building envelope.

Most homeowners don’t notice anything is wrong with their insulation until they are uncomfortable. We like to give those homeowners realistic expectations of what they can expect from foam insulation and the benefits they will see.

Our experienced estimators will explain how RetroFoam injection foam insulation and spray foam work together as a system. They will also discuss which areas of the home to tackle first to give the best results based on issues the homeowner is experiencing.

RetroFoam of Southeastern Wisconsin is a company that will do more than just the bare minimum. We will go above and beyond to ensure every home they work on is comfortable and energy efficient.

RetroFoam of Southeastern Wisconsin aims to be a stand-up contractor who answers the phone even when the job is done.

Not only does RetroFoam of Southeastern Wisconsin help homeowners, but the company also helps support Ignite the Spirit – Milwaukee. This organization raises funds for firefighters and their families who have suffered unfortunate hardships. As a fellow firefighter, Ken and his RetroFoam team make several donations throughout the year and volunteer their time for fundraising events.

Meet the RetroFoam of Southeastern Wisconsin Team

Bailey Walters

RetroFoam Crew Leader

Zach Walters

RetroFoam Crew Leader

Mason Martinez

Removal and Spray Crew Leader

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