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Get Rough Budget Numbers to Insulate Your Existing Walls with RetroFoam

Enter your home details below to get started. We won’t require you to give us your contact information to get a ballpark budget range. Please note this is not a formal quote. Every project is different, and this tool is intended to give you a rough budget idea of what your project may cost.

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First, select the button for your one or two story home then select the number that is closest to your living space square foot, not including your basement. Hit the calculate button and we’ll crunch the numbers to give you a ballpark budget range. Give it a try.

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Save Big with Tax Credits

Insulating your existing walls with RetroFoam qualifies for big tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act – up to $1,200! Ask your tax professional or learn more about the energy-efficiency tax credits.

About the RetroFoam Budget Calculator

  • This tool is intended to give you a ballpark budget range to insulate the existing walls of the average home we see in the area. We convert the living space square footage you selected into the rough area of your walls, so you don’t have to know the exact dimensions.
  • All homes are different and have different needs and scenarios, so the actual cost to insulate your home may be higher or lower than this range.
  • Factors that impact the cost of insulating existing exterior walls include things like the exact size of the project, difficulty of the work, siding type, inside vs. outside install, and prep work required.
  • There may be discounts, rebates, and tax credits that could potentially lower your initial investment.
  • We have a minimum RetroFoam job charge of $2,000.
  • To learn the exact cost to insulate your existing walls with RetroFoam, please request an estimate today.

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